Start your Infants out Right with Breast Feeding!

August is Breast Feeding Awareness and Psoriasis Awareness Month

Did you know that breastfeeding has been linked to higher IQ scores in later childhood in some studies. Other benefits include improve immunity, and the physical closeness, skin-to-skin touching, and eye contact all help your baby bond and feel secure. Infants that are breastfed typically gain the right amount of weight as they grow rather than become overweight children and having an increased number of allergies. Top Pediatritions say breastfeeding also plays a role in the prevention of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It’s been thought to lower the risk of diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers as well.

Breast Feeding is Good for Moms too!

Mothers get benefits as well. Increased release of the cuddle hormone called oxytocin, which can help return the mother to pre-pregnancy physically and it also increases the mother’s immunity. Breastfeeding also lowers your risk of breast and ovarian cancer. It may lower your risk of osteoporosis, too.

What if there are difficulties? There are so many great resources out there. And some of those resources are right here at Health Spring Chiropractic.

If you know of a pregnant mother, we have great options for that!

If you know of an infant that is having difficulty latching, it might be something we can help with…Just ask!

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